Monday, May 23, 2011

Learn and take action: the bad idea of mining in Wisconsin's Bad River watershed

"What you do get when you make a 20-mile long, 1/3 mile deep open-pit iron mine in 300 days - a mine that will disrupt millions of gallons of surface and groundwater and leave millions of tons of crushed rock and wet sand lying around?"

The River Alliance of Wisconsin explains in their recent blog entry about the proposed iron mine in Northern Wisconsin's Bad River watershed, which I mentioned in my previous post.

Read their post (and consider passing it along)!

They give a concise and compelling case for why the attempt to rush the permitting process and rewrite legislation (which, by the way, was carefully constructed in response to previous mining mistakes in Wisconsin) are really bad ideas.

Clean Wisconsin also created a summary of the bill, which you can read in PDF form here.

But don't give up on hope for thwarting the potential harm this mine could cause! Let your voice be heard. Tell your legislatures that to maintain strong mining regulations and safeguard Northern Wisconsin's invaluable and sacred resources.

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