Monday, March 26, 2012

My blogging has moved...

...temporarily, at least.

After finishing grad school in December of 2011, I moved to Munich, Germany to work as an editor at an environmental humanities research center. As a result, my blogging energy has shifted in a different direction: I now write about life as an environment-minded expat in Germany at a blog entitled Alltagsgeschichte.

This new blog is a catchment for my thoughts and experiences with expatriate life, as well as my musings about the relationship between people and the environment (similar to this blog's focus). Regarding the former topic-of-interest, my goal is to convey those thoughts more like an ethnographic study, rather than a travel journal, in order to make the blog relevant to anyone interested in expatriate life (and not just my friends and family). 

I hope to someday return my energy to Hope on Earth, but for now, consider it on hold. As perhaps any blogger can attest to, it is challenging enough to maintain one blog, let alone two blogs simultaneously.

In the meantime, please follow me on Alltagsgeschichte. Thanks for reading!

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